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What you can expect

UnInbox is built from the ground up to renew your email experience. We're not limited by email technologies of the past, and we're not afraid to innovate. So here's what you can expect from UnInbox


The simplest ways to manage all your email.

At Launch


Focus on the conversations you have instead of the noise around them. Signatures, lost attachments & endless RE: RE: RE: are a thing of the past.

At Launch


Have 1 or 10 email addresses? Create as many as you like. Want to give multiple people access to a single address? Just make a group.

At Launch


Spam and cold emails can get annoying really quick. Our screener helps you cut the noise by deciding who can and cant email you.



Your emails are yours. If you want to manage your own UnInbox, you should be able to do that. We even give you easy migration tools.



None of this "Your privacy is important to us" marketing speak. Privacy is our default. 100% of our system code is open source, proving nothing happens with your data.

At Launch
Planned Features

What we're building

Just some of the things we're working on for or soon after launch.

Snoozing & RemindersAutomationsPrivate/Shared Conversation NotesPrivate/Shared DraftsContacts ManagementInvite to ChatNewsletter/Product Update FeedEasily Copy Login CodesConversation StatusContact Context
Teams and Groups
User GroupsAssign ConversationAssignment Round-RobinAdd Conversation Watchers
Email Sending & Receiving
Advanced Email RoutingSend Mail to a WebhookTransactional Email SendingBulk Email SendingMigrate from GoogleAPI SupportSMTP SupportSend via External SMTP

Simple Affordability

No surprises, no hidden fees. Just simple, transparent pricing.


For a Great Free Email Account.



  • email address
  • Forwarding Address
  • Invite people to your organization
  • Notes, Drafts & Reminders
  • Community/email based support


Introductory Price

For Teams and Professionals.


/user /month

  • email address
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • User Groups
  • SMTP, API & Webhooks
  • Priority Chat Support

Self Host

For the brave.



  • All features from the app
  • Install on your own servers
  • The ultimate privacy
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Sleepless nights

Experience the new way to email

Open for registration now!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, most of our features are designed for collaboration, but everything should work even if it's just you.
Yes, either by self-hosting or by upgrading to our paid plan.
There is a high risk of spam and abuse with custom domains, and this could damage our infrastructure. We require a paid plan as verification and to cover the additional technical requirements of ensuring safe email sending across our platform.
Yes, free users can either email us directly in UnInbox or use our community chat server on Discord. Paid users receive chat support.
Yes, we'll even give you a handy guide to get things set up. Support for self-hosting is through our Discord community or by purchasing a support contract.
Our initial focus is ensuring the stability of the email app and a seamless user experience. We'll introduce new features, including the calendar, once the app is stable.
Yes, it will come soon after launch and let you create email aliases either with our domain or your own custom domains.
Yes. We encrypt data at rest and in transit. Emails will be encrypted via TLS when available. It's a top priority for us to add robust encryption measures for emails. We're working to seamlessly implement additional encryption (S/MIME, PGP) without disrupting any features / functioning, ensuring smooth email transfers and sharing within the organization.
We aim to make De-Googling and migrating from other email service providers super easy. While it's not possible yet, it's on our list of priorities.
Yes, over time, prices may increase due to rising costs. However, if you have an active subscription, your price will be locked in until your subscription expires.
No, we are built on very different technologies and there's simply no way to make them compatible. If you really need to use another email client, check for another service or use our forwarding feature.
Yes, you get a personal email address with UnInbox, and a dedicated forwarding address. Any emails sent to your forwarding address will appear in your UnInbox. You can also forward all emails for a custom domain to your UnInbox organization.
Yes, in order to bring our vision to life, we will need significant time and resources. Crowdfunding, donations and bootstrapping were deeply considered, but deemed not viable enough for our vision. Any potential investor will be carefully vetted by our founders - and by peers in the open source community - to ensure they align with our open source principles, and it will be made abundantly clear that an acquisition is not in our future. Special agreements will be put into place to ensure the longevity of UnInbox if we were ever to halt doing business.
100% of the code for all the features and functionality needed to run your own instance of UnInbox are released under a permissive software license called AGPLv3. This allows anyone to copy the code and modify it however they want, so long as they also release the code publicly under the same license. A few features or modules in the app are not open source, but instead released under a commercial license and mostly publicly available. These features or modules are things that are only relevant to large enterprise companies such as SSO or OIDC - or related to the billing system of UnInbox.
UnInbox will be offering data storage in the US with global replication or an EU only hosting at launch. You will be able to choose your region at account creation.